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Tantra Dakinimassagen Stuttgart
Center for body work, holistic massages, sexual counseling, seminars
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Monika Koch
Warrior Street 6
70191 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711 290956

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Co-founder of the Tantramassage-Verband eV: Lea Söhner, who opened the Dakini-Institut 1996 in Stuttgart.

Notice: We exclusively perform the well-known Dakinimassage.
No sexual intercourse, no interaction on the part of the recipient or the recipient possible!
More info in the Dakini podcast.

Opening hours daily from 9 to 21 clock
also on all Sundays and holidays
Dates and booking confirmations please telephone.
Stuttgart 0711 290956

Dakini Tantra Massages:

Quality and experience for your physical and mental relaxation

Already since the 90er years the brand Dakinimassagen stands for competent Tantramassage in Germany. It was among other things the Dakini, which coined with what is understood today under the term Tantramassage. In the year 2004 the Dakini Zurich was opened and in the year 2012 our sister institute Dakini Cologne was added. The Dakini in Cologne has become the focal point for tantra massages and lectures on sexual competence in the North Rhine-Westphalia area. Both institutes are massaged according to strict quality and training guidelines. Our masseuses know what they are doing - that is why you can confidently step into their experienced hands, relax completely and discover new sides of your sensuality.

Tantric massages for the soul.

The Dakini Tantra massage studio in Stuttgart offers the opportunity to experience tantra massage, as we understand it, in encounters with mindful people and sensitively performed rituals:

Let yourself be accompanied by a Dakini tantric massage into a world of feeling. Switch off and leave the daily routine behind. In our touch rituals, which simultaneously provide a field of somatic learning, you can enjoy a variety of sensations in a perfectly devoted attitude. From this variety of well-known and completely new feelings, our guests (m / w / d) are always impressed.

With the clothes, the roles are stored and in the prepared room creates within a short time a very own, intimate feeling heart connection.

Dakinimassage for the woman with Yoni massage

The Yoni is a full body massage including mindful and lovingly performed genital massage of the woman. During the massage of the yoni (vulva), a woman can calmly concentrate on herself and her own sensibility - in the quiet, specially prepared room for her. To be completely a woman, to fully enjoy your own feeling, that is the Dakini Yoni Massage. We recommend booking at least two hours.

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Dakinimassage for the man with Lingammassage

At a dakini Lingam The man goes into the hands of female leadership and security or, if desired, in the hands of one of our experienced masseurs. Be a man from head to toe, free of performance pressure or any expectations. During the Dakini Lingamassage you can fill reserves and experience your original strength. "An experience of particular value," say many enthusiastic customers who have already discovered a Dakinimassage for themselves.

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Offers for couples

Find back in the mindful contact with each other as part of a Dakini Couples massage - Spoil your partner once with a guided couples massage in our ritual threes! Or experience together with two masseuses or masseurs a veneration ritual in one or two rooms. A new dimension in terms of touch quality can open up for your partnership! Dakinimassage for couples - an inspiration for every relationship.

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Spiritual and philosophical sources of different origin shape and inspire our work, our behavior towards the customers, our image of man, our motivation and our cooperation.

The specific foundations of our massage come mainly from Tantric and Taoist traditions, as taught in the Western cultural sphere.

We are guided by a conception of tantra that accepts the human being in its entirety and interweaves the apparent opposites of good and evil, "sacred" and "sinful", of spirituality and sexuality and of body and mind.

The massages incorporate elements from the Meridian teachings and the Yin-Yang concept of traditional Chinese medicine.
Likewise, the influences of Hawaiian and Indian body knowledge are reflected in our offer.

Modern knowledge about the effect of light, color, essential oils, heat and the functioning of the human body are part and prerequisite of our work.

In addition, we are inspired by some of the teachings of the mystic Osho, the physiology of Wilhelm Reich and the massage techniques of Tantric Andro.

Groundbreaking for us and our work is scientific matriarchal research. This gives us access to the historical roots of female power.
Modern insights from brain research, trauma therapy and sexological bodywork complement our experience in massage.

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22 years Dakini Stuttgart

Two years ago, we celebrated our "round" anniversary, 20 years Dakini in Stuttgart with an "open house", many interesting lectures and demonstrations, tastings of our massages and a delicious buffet.

This year we are again inviting to an "open day" in the Dakini Stuttgart. Then we celebrate the 22. Anniversary Dakini Stuttgart.

We are listed in the Massage Forum.

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Since the 90 years of the last millennium, the name Dakini stands for competent full body massage at the highest level. The Dakini in Stuttgart offers the opportunity, in encounter with mindful people in sensitively performed massage rituals to experience how it is to come deeply to yourself. They leave everyday life behind. The thoughts automatically switch off, as you come fully into feeling, in your own body.

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Contact Us

Dakini - center for holistic massages and sexual counseling
Warrior Street 6
70191 Stuttgart
Telephone 0711 290 956
> mail@dakinimassagen.de
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Information for guests

You can shower before and after the massage in our beautiful bathroom.
Except for anticipation and cash (or voucher) you do not need to bring anything.
If you come by car, you will find a parking space in the yard.
After the massage, we recommend to give yourself enough time to find out.

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